meridian Flow Aggregation

Transparent TCP/IP acceleration for    Cellular links

We have proposed Flow Aggregation as a powerful new mechanism to overcome the performance problems of TCP/IP protocol over cellular (GPRS) links. The key idea of this scheme is that there are significant advantages in treating all TCP flows destined to a particular mobile host as a single logical aggregate, taking advantage of the flows' statistical dependence to perform better scheduling, flow prioritization and control in order to maximise the link utilisation, reduce latency, and improve fairness between TCP flows.

In contrast to the vast majority of the approaches that necessitate end-system changes, the primary advantage in our approach is that it requires no changes to the end-system TCP stack. We implemented an initial prototype of this scheme as a transparent proxy solution, and demonstrated its efficacy in a commercial cellular GPRS network testbed through real experiments.

->  Overview How Flow Aggregation works?
->  Deployment Commercial Vodafone cellular GPRS network
->  Screenshots Screenshots of some interesting traces
->  Source Code Details of source code

Reenigeering TCP/IP protocol for Cellular links

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