meridian Mobile IPv6 Handoff

Cellular GPRS and 802.11 WLAN Integration

Efficient integration of wireless access networks and services is a key step in building an all-IP ubiquitous wireless access infrastructure. As part of this vision, we deployed an infrastructure that integrated the departmental 802.11 WLANs with a commercial cellular GPRS infrastructure from the world's largest cellular operator, Vodafone. A unique aspect of this infrastructure is that it is based on IPv6, and realistically emulates a scenario for the future 4G wireless overlay environment. We conducted several experiments to evaluate how seamlessly we can perform handovers between two disparate networks cellular GPRS and 802.11 WLAN.

We measured handover performance with Mobile IPv6 and its impact on TCP and HTTP, and suggested several optimizations, including a soft handover technique but implemented at the network layer to help alleviate packet losses and handover delays. Our results showed significant improvements from these optimizations, and demonstrated that the vision of a converged network infrastructure is practically possible.

->  Overview Practical 4G Wireless Overlay Networks
->  Deployment GPRS - 802.11 WLAN Integration
->  Screenshots Screenshots of some interesting traces
->  Source Code Code snippets developed in the project

Vertical handover optimizations

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