Mobile Access Router

Exploiting Wide-area Wireless Diversity

Mobile Access Router (MAR), is a multi-homed wireless router device that can be placed in vehicles, e.g., cars, buses, and trains, etc. to enable high-speed data access for their occupants. The MAR system design stems from the observation that rather than choosing a single wireless service provider (e.g., Sprint, AT&T, etc.), a single technology (e.g., CDMA, UMTS, GSM), or a single wireless channel, users can reap significant benefits by using all of these choices simultaneously, as it is typically available.

While the notion of wireless diversity is gaining great popularity in many wireless scenarios (wireless meshes, WLANs, etc.) today, our MAR system was one of the first to propose this notion and demonstrate its benefit through implementation and deployment. Our experimentation also demonstrated and quantified benefits for both web browsing and media streaming applications. Joint collaboration with Microsoft Research Cambridge.

->  Overview How MAR works?
->  Deployment Tests over commercial cellular GPRS networks.
->  Screenshots Screenshots of some interesting traces
->  Source Code Implementation overview

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