Mobile Bazaar

      Decentralized data services for mobile devices

While Mobile Access Router (MAR) centralizes data aggregation and diversity decisions in the single MAR router, our natural next step was to explore distributing diversity decisions among wireless users and mobile devices. This led to our work on a Mobile Bazaar (MoB) - open market architecture for collaborative wide-area wireless services, mediated through economic incentive structures.

Going beyond simple data aggregation services, the MoB architecture allows arbitrary application-level service trades between users, e.g., location determination, time synchronization, data filtering, etc. Service trades in MoB are managed through a reputation system called Vito, which is partly motivated by eBay's reputation management system in building user confidence in trades. Here again we demonstrated the benefits of MoB through a full implementation and deployment. 

->  Overview How MoB works?
->  Deployment Commercial CDMA EvDO and 1xRTT networks.
->  Source Code Implementation details.

Mobile Bazaar

Cambridge Open Mobile System

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