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pcap Struct Reference

#include <pcap-int.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int fd
int selectable_fd
int send_fd
int snapshot
int linktype
int tzoff
int offset
int break_loop
pcap_sf sf
pcap_md md
int bufsize
u_char * buffer
u_char * bp
int cc
u_char * pkt
pcap_direction_t direction
int(* read_op )(pcap_t *, int cnt, pcap_handler, u_char *)
int(* inject_op )(pcap_t *, const void *, size_t)
int(* setfilter_op )(pcap_t *, struct bpf_program *)
int(* setdirection_op )(pcap_t *, pcap_direction_t)
int(* set_datalink_op )(pcap_t *, int)
int(* getnonblock_op )(pcap_t *, char *)
int(* setnonblock_op )(pcap_t *, int, char *)
int(* stats_op )(pcap_t *, struct pcap_stat *)
void(* close_op )(pcap_t *)
bpf_program fcode
char errbuf [PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE+1]
int dlt_count
u_int * dlt_list
pcap_pkthdr pcap_header

Member Data Documentation

u_char* pcap::bp

Definition at line 185 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::break_loop

Definition at line 166 of file pcap-int.h.

u_char* pcap::buffer

Definition at line 184 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::bufsize

Definition at line 183 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::cc

Definition at line 186 of file pcap-int.h.

void(* pcap::close_op)(pcap_t *)

pcap_direction_t pcap::direction

Definition at line 194 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::dlt_count

Definition at line 215 of file pcap-int.h.

u_int* pcap::dlt_list

Definition at line 216 of file pcap-int.h.

char pcap::errbuf[PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE+1]

Definition at line 214 of file pcap-int.h.

struct bpf_program pcap::fcode

Definition at line 212 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::fd

Definition at line 157 of file pcap-int.h.

int(* pcap::getnonblock_op)(pcap_t *, char *)

int(* pcap::inject_op)(pcap_t *, const void *, size_t)

int pcap::linktype

Definition at line 162 of file pcap-int.h.

struct pcap_md pcap::md

Definition at line 178 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::offset

Definition at line 164 of file pcap-int.h.

struct pcap_pkthdr pcap::pcap_header

Definition at line 218 of file pcap-int.h.

u_char* pcap::pkt

Definition at line 191 of file pcap-int.h.

int(* pcap::read_op)(pcap_t *, int cnt, pcap_handler, u_char *)

int pcap::selectable_fd

Definition at line 158 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::send_fd

Definition at line 159 of file pcap-int.h.

int(* pcap::set_datalink_op)(pcap_t *, int)

int(* pcap::setdirection_op)(pcap_t *, pcap_direction_t)

int(* pcap::setfilter_op)(pcap_t *, struct bpf_program *)

int(* pcap::setnonblock_op)(pcap_t *, int, char *)

struct pcap_sf pcap::sf

Definition at line 177 of file pcap-int.h.

int pcap::snapshot

Definition at line 161 of file pcap-int.h.

int(* pcap::stats_op)(pcap_t *, struct pcap_stat *)

int pcap::tzoff

Definition at line 163 of file pcap-int.h.

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