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st_my_thread_var Struct Reference

#include <my_pthread.h>

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Public Attributes

int thr_errno
pthread_cond_t suspend
pthread_mutex_t mutex
pthread_mutex_t *volatile current_mutex
pthread_cond_t *volatile current_cond
pthread_t pthread_self
long id
int cmp_length
int volatile abort
my_bool init
st_my_thread_var ** prev
void * opt_info
gptr dbug
char name [THREAD_NAME_SIZE+1]

Member Data Documentation

int volatile st_my_thread_var::abort

Definition at line 656 of file my_pthread.h.

int st_my_thread_var::cmp_length

Definition at line 655 of file my_pthread.h.

pthread_cond_t* volatile st_my_thread_var::current_cond

Definition at line 652 of file my_pthread.h.

pthread_mutex_t* volatile st_my_thread_var::current_mutex

Definition at line 651 of file my_pthread.h.

gptr st_my_thread_var::dbug

Definition at line 661 of file my_pthread.h.

long st_my_thread_var::id

Definition at line 654 of file my_pthread.h.

my_bool st_my_thread_var::init

Definition at line 657 of file my_pthread.h.

pthread_mutex_t st_my_thread_var::mutex

Definition at line 650 of file my_pthread.h.

char st_my_thread_var::name[THREAD_NAME_SIZE+1]

Definition at line 662 of file my_pthread.h.

struct st_my_thread_var* st_my_thread_var::next

Definition at line 658 of file my_pthread.h.

void* st_my_thread_var::opt_info

Definition at line 659 of file my_pthread.h.

struct st_my_thread_var ** st_my_thread_var::prev

Definition at line 658 of file my_pthread.h.

pthread_t st_my_thread_var::pthread_self

Definition at line 653 of file my_pthread.h.

pthread_cond_t st_my_thread_var::suspend

Definition at line 649 of file my_pthread.h.

int st_my_thread_var::thr_errno

Definition at line 648 of file my_pthread.h.

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