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Client::HTTPResponseHandler Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 HTTPResponseHandler (HTTPRequest originalRequest, Connection client, ClientControl clientControl)
void Handle (Message msg)


Uri RequestUri

Detailed Description

<summary> Handles the HTTP Response message, and the No Change Message. This handler is used to handle the results of a direct HTTP Request, rather than a freshen request. </summary>

Definition at line 24 of file ResponseHandlers.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Client::HTTPResponseHandler::HTTPResponseHandler HTTPRequest  originalRequest,
Connection  client,
ClientControl  clientControl

<summary> Creates a new instance of HTTPResponse handler with the specified parameters </summary> <param name="originalRequest">The original reuest which prompted the response</param> <param name="client">The client through which to send the final response</param> <param name="clientControl">The controlling parent object</param>

Definition at line 40 of file ResponseHandlers.cs.

Member Function Documentation

void Client::HTTPResponseHandler::Handle Message  msg  )  [inline]

<summary> Handles the HTTP Response or No Change message. Decodes the message as necessary, updates the cache (and mappings), and sends the response to the client. </summary> <param name="msg">Incoming message to process</param>

Implements Client::IResponseHandler.

Definition at line 52 of file ResponseHandlers.cs.

References Common::Message::Type.

Property Documentation

Uri Client::HTTPResponseHandler::RequestUri [get]

Property *

Definition at line 104 of file ResponseHandlers.cs.

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