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Client::Logger Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Logger (ClientSettings settings)
void Log (Uri requestUri, DateTime startTime, DateTime endTime)
void Start ()
void Stop ()

Detailed Description

<summary> Logs client activity </summary>

Definition at line 119 of file ClientControl.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Client::Logger::Logger ClientSettings  settings  )  [inline]

<summary> Default constructor. If logging enabled, starts logging. </summary> <param name="settings"></param>

Definition at line 128 of file ClientControl.cs.

References Client::ClientSettings::LogRequests.

Member Function Documentation

void Client::Logger::Log Uri  requestUri,
DateTime  startTime,
DateTime  endTime

<summary> Logs a given client request </summary> <param name="requestUri">URI of the client request</param> <param name="startTime">time request received</param> <param name="endTime">time request was completely serviced</param>

Definition at line 142 of file ClientControl.cs.

void Client::Logger::Start  )  [inline]

<summary> Begins logging of client-processed requests </summary>

Definition at line 157 of file ClientControl.cs.

void Client::Logger::Stop  )  [inline]

<summary> Ends logging of client-processed requests </summary>

Definition at line 172 of file ClientControl.cs.

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