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GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Queue Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Queue:

GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::MessageQueue GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::NackQueue GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::ReceiveQueue GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::TransmissionQueue GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::IncomingMessageQueue GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::OutgoingMessageQueue List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Enqueue (object o)
void Clear ()
virtual object Dequeue ()
void CopyTo (Array array, int index)
IEnumerator GetEnumerator ()
object Clone ()


object SyncRoot
bool IsSynchronized
int Count

Detailed Description

<summary> A Queue of Objects </summary>

Definition at line 9 of file Queue.cs.

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