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GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::AckTimerList Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 AckTimerList (ReplyTracker replyTracker, ConnectionResetDelegate connectionReset)
void AddTimer (uint sequenceNumber)
void TimerExpires (object obj)
void RemoveTimer (uint sequenceNumber)
void ResetConnection ()

Detailed Description

<summary> List of AckTimers. Also deals with the 'three strikes and you're out' connection reset. </summary>

Definition at line 314 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/ACKManager.cs.

Member Function Documentation

void GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::AckTimerList::AddTimer uint  sequenceNumber  )  [inline]

<summary> Adds a timer to the list for a the ACK of a given sequence number. Sets it going on a 10 second fuse </summary> <param name="sequenceNumber">sequence number we are timing the ACK response for</param>

Definition at line 328 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/ACKManager.cs.

void GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::AckTimerList::RemoveTimer uint  sequenceNumber  )  [inline]

<summary> Stops timer for given sequence number, and removes it from the list. </summary> <param name="sequenceNumber"></param>

Definition at line 356 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/ACKManager.cs.

void GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::AckTimerList::ResetConnection  )  [inline]

<summary> Stops and removes all timers </summary>

Definition at line 367 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/ACKManager.cs.

void GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::AckTimerList::TimerExpires object  obj  )  [inline]

<summary> Called by timer thread when a timer expires. </summary> <param name="obj">A TimerInfo object telling what segment number we were wating for, and where to record the count</param>

Definition at line 339 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/ACKManager.cs.

References GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::ReplyTracker::ACKMissed(), GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::TimerInfo::segmentNumber, and GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::TimerInfo::tracker.

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