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GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::SequenceManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 SequenceManager (NACKManager nackManager)
void ResetConnection ()
uint GetNextSequenceNumber ()
uint GetSequenceOffset (uint number)
void ProcessReceivedSegmentHeaders (ref SegmentHeaders headers)
bool IsProcessable (SegmentHeaders headers)


bool IsSegmentsMissing
bool IsResynching

Detailed Description

<summary> This should deal with issuing sequence numbers, keeping track of corresponding host's sequence numbers (timestamp malarky and re-synch stuff), etc. </summary>

Definition at line 11 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/SequenceManager.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::SequenceManager::SequenceManager NACKManager  nackManager  )  [inline]

<summary> Constructor. Creates a new sequence manager with a specified manager for issuing NACKS </summary> <param name="nackManager">NACK manager responsible for issuing NACKS</param>

Definition at line 32 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/SequenceManager.cs.

Member Function Documentation

void GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::SequenceManager::ResetConnection  )  [inline]

<summary> Puts the class back in initial state </summary>

Definition at line 57 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/SequenceManager.cs.

Property Documentation

bool GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::SequenceManager::IsResynching [get]

<summary> returns true if we need to use the 8 bits for re-synch info, false if we use it for rate info. </summary>

Definition at line 87 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/SequenceManager.cs.

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