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ProtocolStack::RemoteHostComms Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 RemoteHostComms (StackInterface thisStack, ushort remoteDeviceID)
void Start ()
void Stop ()
void ResetConnection ()
void AcceptIncomingSegment (Segment incomingSegment)


ushort RemoteDeviceID
NACKManager NackManager
ACKManager AckManager
SequenceManager SeqManager
RateManager RateManager
RetransmissionBuffer RetransmissionBuffer
TransmissionQueue TxQueue
MessageAssembly MessageAssembler

Detailed Description

<summary> Represents communications with one specific remote host. Contains instances of all objects specific to communication with one host only. </summary>

Definition at line 11 of file ProtocolStack/RemoteHostComms.cs.

Member Function Documentation

void ProtocolStack::RemoteHostComms::Start  )  [inline]

<summary> Begins Remote Host Communications process </summary>

Definition at line 44 of file ProtocolStack/RemoteHostComms.cs.

References ProtocolStack::SegmentTransmitter::Start(), ProtocolStack::ReceiveQueue::Start(), and ProtocolStack::MessageAssembly::Start().

Property Documentation

NACKManager ProtocolStack::RemoteHostComms::NackManager [get, set]

Properties *

Definition at line 91 of file ProtocolStack/RemoteHostComms.cs.

TransmissionQueue ProtocolStack::RemoteHostComms::TxQueue [get, set]

<summary> Transmission queue entry object waiting to be sent to the remote host </summary>

Definition at line 120 of file ProtocolStack/RemoteHostComms.cs.

Referenced by ProtocolStack::NACKManager::NACKManager(), and ProtocolStack::SegmentTransmitter::Run().

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