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Harnessing Channel Uncertainty with Fuzzy Inferencing

Cellular data channels are plagued by uncertainties posed by the harsh cellular wireless medium. This work investigated channel uncertainty at the physical layer, and showed how to harness these uncertainties to improve performance of systems and applications - for instance, the H.324M mobile video conferencing system.

Inspired by non-linear control theory, this work proposes a new technique to exploit channel uncertainty using a novel fuzzy inferencing method to enable joint source-channel optimization. This method has been implemented as a standalone controller and integrated with a full-fledged H.324M mobile video software implementation. Experimental results demonstrate substantial improvement (up to 6 dB) in video picture quality for a broad range of video signals and wireless channel conditions.

->  Overview Why harness channel uncertainty?
->  Deployment Commercial network deployment.
->  Screenshots Screenshots of some traces
->  Source Code Details of H.324M simulator and source code.

Harnessing Channel Uncertainty

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