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H.324M Software Simulator Documentation



3G-324M is used for multimedia-based services that packet-based wireless networks cannot deliver because of inherent overhead, BER sensitivity, and variant routing delays. 3G-324M operating over a circuit switched channel between communication peers guarantees fixed-delay QoS for multimedia communications. The combination of circuit switch 3G-324M services with packet-based SIP services, such as presence and instant messaging, leverages the strength of both networks to enable new and differentiated innovative mobile 3G services.

Our 3G-324M Toolkit includes a set of APIs to develop multimedia communication solutions for 3G servers and handsets. It can also be used to develop multimedia-based solutions for UMTS, TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000 networks. Together with the ICM controller unit, The 3G-324M Toolkit delivers very high performance with a small memory footprint.