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addr Struct Reference

#include <addr.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

uint16_t addr_type
uint16_t addr_bits
union {
   eth_addr_t   __eth
   ip_addr_t   __ip
   ip6_addr_t   __ip6
   uint8_t   __data8 [16]
   uint16_t   __data16 [8]
   uint32_t   __data32 [4]

Member Data Documentation

union { ... } addr::__addr_u

uint16_t addr::__data16[8]

Definition at line 28 of file addr.h.

uint32_t addr::__data32[4]

Definition at line 29 of file addr.h.

uint8_t addr::__data8[16]

Definition at line 27 of file addr.h.

eth_addr_t addr::__eth

Definition at line 23 of file addr.h.

ip_addr_t addr::__ip

Definition at line 24 of file addr.h.

ip6_addr_t addr::__ip6

Definition at line 25 of file addr.h.

uint16_t addr::addr_bits

Definition at line 21 of file addr.h.

Referenced by __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr_4bits___get__(), _ifrow_to_entry(), _intf_get_aliases(), _intf_get_noalias(), addr_bcast(), addr_cmp(), addr_main(), addr_net(), addr_ntop(), addr_pton(), arp_loop(), eth_set(), fr_to_fwc(), fr_to_ipfw(), fr_to_pr(), intf_set(), ip_send(), route_add(), route_delete(), route_get(), route_loop(), route_main(), rule_to_ipf(), START_TEST(), and tun_open().

uint16_t addr::addr_type

Definition at line 20 of file addr.h.

Referenced by __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr_2ip___get__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr_3eth___get__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr_3ip6___get__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr_4data___get__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr_4type___get__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr___hash__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr___int__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_4addr___iter__(), __pyx_f_4dnet_ifent_to_dict(), __pyx_f_4dnet_rule_to_dict(), _ifrow_to_entry(), _intf_delete_addrs(), _intf_get_aliases(), _intf_get_noalias(), addr_bcast(), addr_cmp(), addr_net(), addr_ntop(), addr_pton(), arp_add(), arp_delete(), arp_get(), arp_loop(), eth_get(), eth_set(), format_rule(), intf_get_dst(), intf_get_src(), intf_set(), ip_send(), print_rule(), route_add(), route_delete(), route_get(), route_loop(), route_msg(), START_TEST(), and tun_open().

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