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GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Message (MessageType type, ushort destination, MessagePriority priority)
 Message (MessageType type, ushort destination)
abstract MemoryStream SerialiseData ()
abstract void DeserialiseData (Stream serialisedDataStream)

Static Public Member Functions

MemoryStream SerialiseMessage (Message msg)
Message DeserialiseMessage (Stream serialisedMessageStream)


MessageType Type
MessageType type
ushort Destination
ushort Source
MessagePriority Priority

Detailed Description

<summary> Summary description for Message. </summary>

Definition at line 9 of file SmartDeviceClient/Common/Message.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::Message MessageType  type,
ushort  destination,
MessagePriority  priority

<summary> Creates a new message of specified type, with given destination and given priority </summary> <param name="type"></param>

Definition at line 15 of file SmartDeviceClient/Common/Message.cs.

GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::Message MessageType  type,
ushort  destination

<summary> Creates a new message of specified type and destination, with normal priority </summary> <param name="type"></param> <param name="destination"></param>

Definition at line 26 of file SmartDeviceClient/Common/Message.cs.

Member Function Documentation

abstract void GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::DeserialiseData Stream  serialisedDataStream  )  [pure virtual]

<summary> Converts a serialised bytes into message </summary> <param name="serialisedMessage"></param>

abstract MemoryStream GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::SerialiseData  )  [pure virtual]

<summary> Converts message into serialised bytes for transport </summary> <returns>Memory stream representing serialised data, at end of stream.</returns>

Property Documentation

ushort GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::Destination [get, set]

<summary> Destination device ID of the message </summary>

Definition at line 40 of file SmartDeviceClient/Common/Message.cs.

MessagePriority GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::Priority [get, set]

<summary> Priority of message to be sent. </summary>

Definition at line 58 of file SmartDeviceClient/Common/Message.cs.

Referenced by GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::OutgoingMessageQueue::ProcessQueue().

ushort GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::Source [get, set]

<summary> The device ID the message comes from </summary>

Definition at line 49 of file SmartDeviceClient/Common/Message.cs.

MessageType GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::Common::Message::Type [get, set]

<summary> Property for getting and setting the type of the message (retrans, http, etc) </summary>

Definition at line 31 of file SmartDeviceClient/Common/Message.cs.

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