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GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::TransmissionQueue Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::TransmissionQueue:

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Public Member Functions

void ResetConnection ()
void Enqueue (TransmissionQueueEntry tqe, bool isLowPriority)
void Enqueue (TransmissionQueueEntry[] tqes, bool isLowPriority)
void EnqueueUnprotected (TransmissionQueueEntry[] tqes, bool isLowPriority)
TransmissionQueueEntry DequeueBlocking ()


bool IsEmpty

Detailed Description

<summary> A Queue of Transmission queue entries, i.e. segment data + destination. Data is held in the queue immediately before segments are assembled and transmitted. </summary>

Definition at line 11 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/TransmissionQueue.cs.

Member Function Documentation

TransmissionQueueEntry GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::TransmissionQueue::DequeueBlocking  )  [inline]

<summary> Blocks until item in queue </summary> <returns></returns>

Definition at line 70 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/TransmissionQueue.cs.

Property Documentation

bool GPRSWeb::SmartDeviceClient::SmartProtocolStack::RemoteHost::TransmissionQueue::IsEmpty [get]

<summary> Indicates if the transmission queue is empty or not. True if it is, false if it is not. </summary>

Definition at line 96 of file SmartDeviceClient/SmartProtocolStack/RemoteHost/TransmissionQueue.cs.

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