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error.h File Reference

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void error (char *calling_fn, char *message)
void warn (char *func, char *msg)

Function Documentation

void error char *  calling_fn,
char *  message

Definition at line 4 of file error.c.

Referenced by apply_errors(), audio_config(), cat_bytes(), code_audio(), code_video(), construct_header(), decode_audio(), decode_bch(), decode_video(), distance(), interface(), make_backward_control(), make_forward_control(), make_mt_bytes(), make_mt_ratios(), max_arq(), minus(), new_al_receiving_entity(), new_al_sending_entity(), new_audio_codec(), new_bytes(), new_channel(), new_combinations(), open_input_file(), and video_config().

00008 {
00009   fprintf(stderr, " sim: Fatal Error\n");
00010   fprintf(stderr, "func: %s()\n", calling_fn);
00011   fprintf(stderr, "mesg: %s\n", message);
00012   exit(1);
00013 }

void warn char *  func,
char *  msg

Definition at line 16 of file error.c.

Referenced by apply_errors(), code_audio(), make_pattern(), and next_combination().

00017 {
00018   fprintf(stderr, "Warning: %s() - %s \n",func,msg);
00019 }

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