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config.h File Reference

#include <winsock2.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <io.h>
#include <process.h>
#include <sys/timeb.h>
#include <direct.h>
#include <getopt.h>
#include "win32/WIN32-Includes/rpc/types.h"
#include <stdint.h>

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#define WIN32   1
#define HAVE_SNPRINTF   1
#define HAVE_STRERROR   1
#define HAVE_STDLIB_H   1
#define HAVE_STDINT_H   1
#define HAVE_STRING_H   1
#define HAVE_UNISTD_H   1
#define HAVE_LIBPCAP   1
#define PACKAGE   "snort"
#define IFNAMSIZ   255
#define inline   __inline
#define O_SYNC   0x0080
#define CDECL   __cdecl
#define SIGQUIT   3
#define SIGHUP   1
#define SIGUSR1   30
#define SIGUSR2   31
#define SIGPIPE   13
#define W_OK   0x02
#define R_OK   0x04
#define S_ISDIR(x)   (((x) & 0170000) == 0040000)
#define S_IRWXU   0000700
#define S_IRWXG   0000070
#define S_IROTH   0000004
#define S_IXOTH   0000001
#define bcopy(src, dst, count)   memcpy((void *)dst, (const void *)src, (size_t) count)
#define bzero(addr, count)   memset((addr), 0, (count))
#define index   strchr
#define mkdir(x, y)   _mkdir(x)
#define snprintf   _snprintf
#define strncasecmp   strnicmp
#define strcasecmp   stricmp
#define vsnprintf   _vsnprintf
#define IXDR_GET_LONG(buf)   ((long)ntohl((u_long)*(buf)++))
#define IXDR_GET_ENUM(buf, t)   ((t)IXDR_GET_LONG(buf))
#define RPC_MSG_VERSION   ((u_long) 2)
#define ifr_addr   ifr_ifru.ifru_addr
#define ifr_dstaddr   ifr_ifru.ifru_dstaddr
#define ifr_broadaddr   ifr_ifru.ifru_broadaddr
#define ifr_flags   ifr_ifru.ifru_flags
#define ifr_metric   ifr_ifru.ifru_metric
#define ifr_mtu   ifr_ifru.ifru_metric
#define ifr_media   ifr_ifru.ifru_metric
#define ifr_data   ifr_ifru.ifru_data
#define RUSAGE_SELF   0
#define RUSAGE_CHILDREN   -1


typedef int pid_t
typedef SSIZE_T ssize_t


enum  msg_type { CALL = 0, REPLY = 1 }


char * strtok_r (char *s1, const char *s2, char **lasts)
int inet_aton (const char *cp, struct in_addr *addr)
int gettimeofday (struct timeval *, struct timezone *)
void * GetAdapterFromList (void *, int)
char * print_interface (char *)
void PrintDeviceList (const char *)
int init_winsock (void)

Define Documentation

#define bcopy src,
count   )     memcpy((void *)dst, (const void *)src, (size_t) count)

Definition at line 172 of file config.h.

Referenced by AlertUnixSock(), ParseCmdLine(), ParseConfig(), ParseIP(), and PrintArpHeader().

#define bzero addr,
count   )     memset((addr), 0, (count))

Definition at line 173 of file config.h.

Referenced by AlertFast(), AlertFull(), AlertSyslog(), AlertUnixSock(), BuildPacket(), CleanExit(), ConvGetSession(), DecodeChdlcPkt(), DecodeEthPkt(), DecodeFDDIPkt(), DecodeI4LCiscoIPPkt(), DecodeI4LRawIPPkt(), DecodeIEEE80211Pkt(), DecodeNullPkt(), DecodeOldPflog(), DecodePflog(), DecodePppPkt(), DecodePppSerialPkt(), DecodeRawPkt(), DecodeSlipPkt(), DecodeTRPkt(), ExpandVars(), FlushStream(), GetCurrentTimestamp(), InterfaceThread(), mempool_alloc(), mempool_destroy(), OpenAlertSock(), OpenLogFile(), OpenSessionFile(), OpenStatsFile(), ParseContentListFile(), ParseLogto(), ParsePattern(), ParseReplacePattern(), ParseRule(), ParseRuleOptions(), ParseRulesFile(), PrintArpHeader(), PrintEapolPkt(), PrintICMPHeader(), PrintIPPkt(), PrintTcpOptions(), PrintWifiPkt(), ReadLine(), RealAlertCSV(), RealUnifiedLogAlert(), RpcDecodeInit(), SetRpcPorts(), SetTelnetPorts(), SpoLogTcpdumpCleanExitFunc(), SpoLogTcpdumpRestartFunc(), TcpdumpInitLogFile(), ts_print(), UnifiedInitAlertFile(), UnifiedInitFile(), and UnifiedInitLogFile().

#define CDECL   __cdecl

Definition at line 149 of file config.h.


Definition at line 25 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_LIBPCAP   1

Definition at line 46 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_SNPRINTF   1

Definition at line 28 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_STDINT_H   1

Definition at line 37 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_STDLIB_H   1

Definition at line 34 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_STRERROR   1

Definition at line 31 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_STRING_H   1

Definition at line 40 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_UNISTD_H   1

Definition at line 43 of file config.h.

#define IFNAMSIZ   255

Definition at line 95 of file config.h.

Referenced by fr_to_fwc(), and rule_to_ipf().

#define ifr_addr   ifr_ifru.ifru_addr

Definition at line 216 of file config.h.

#define ifr_broadaddr   ifr_ifru.ifru_broadaddr

Definition at line 218 of file config.h.

#define ifr_data   ifr_ifru.ifru_data

Definition at line 223 of file config.h.

#define ifr_dstaddr   ifr_ifru.ifru_dstaddr

Definition at line 217 of file config.h.

#define ifr_flags   ifr_ifru.ifru_flags

Definition at line 219 of file config.h.

#define ifr_media   ifr_ifru.ifru_metric

Definition at line 222 of file config.h.

#define ifr_metric   ifr_ifru.ifru_metric

Definition at line 220 of file config.h.

#define ifr_mtu   ifr_ifru.ifru_metric

Definition at line 221 of file config.h.

#define index   strchr

Definition at line 174 of file config.h.

Referenced by arp_add(), asn1_decode(), asn1_traverse(), CheckRule(), ConvertRPC(), fasthex(), Frag3ParseArgs(), Frag3ParseGlobalArgs(), IpAddrSetContains(), IpAddrSetParse(), ParseConvArgs(), ParseFrag2Args(), ParseIpTos(), ParseLogto(), ParseMessage(), ParsePattern(), ParsePort(), ParseReplacePattern(), ParseRuleOptions(), ParseRulesFile(), ParseScanmungeArgs(), ParseStream4Args(), ParseTcpWin(), PayloadSearchListInit(), Print_DFA(), PrintCharData(), ReadLine(), sfghash_add(), sfghash_find_node(), sfghash_remove(), sfxhash_add(), sfxhash_find_node_row(), sfxhash_get_node(), sfxhash_remove(), SparseGetNextStateDFA(), SparseGetNextStateNFA(), Stream4InitReassembler(), and UnifiedParseArgs().

#define inline   __inline

Definition at line 135 of file config.h.

#define IXDR_GET_ENUM buf,
 )     ((t)IXDR_GET_LONG(buf))

Definition at line 181 of file config.h.

Referenced by CheckRpc().

#define IXDR_GET_LONG buf   )     ((long)ntohl((u_long)*(buf)++))

Definition at line 180 of file config.h.

#define mkdir x,
 )     _mkdir(x)

Definition at line 175 of file config.h.

Referenced by OpenLogFile(), and OpenSessionFile().

#define O_SYNC   0x0080

Definition at line 144 of file config.h.

#define PACKAGE   "snort"

Definition at line 91 of file config.h.

#define R_OK   0x04

Definition at line 164 of file config.h.

#define RPC_MSG_VERSION   ((u_long) 2)

Definition at line 182 of file config.h.

Referenced by CheckRpc().

#define RUSAGE_CHILDREN   -1

Definition at line 228 of file config.h.

#define RUSAGE_SELF   0

Definition at line 227 of file config.h.

Referenced by GetProcessingTime(), and InitBaseStats().

#define S_IROTH   0000004

Definition at line 169 of file config.h.

Referenced by OpenLogFile(), and OpenSessionFile().

#define S_IRWXG   0000070

Definition at line 168 of file config.h.

Referenced by OpenLogFile(), and OpenSessionFile().

#define S_IRWXU   0000700

Definition at line 167 of file config.h.

Referenced by OpenLogFile(), and OpenSessionFile().

#define S_ISDIR  )     (((x) & 0170000) == 0040000)

Definition at line 166 of file config.h.

Referenced by CheckLogDir(), and CreatePidFile().

#define S_IXOTH   0000001

Definition at line 170 of file config.h.

Referenced by OpenLogFile(), and OpenSessionFile().

#define SIGHUP   1

Definition at line 155 of file config.h.

Referenced by Restart(), SetChroot(), and SnortMain().

#define SIGPIPE   13

Definition at line 158 of file config.h.

#define SIGQUIT   3

Definition at line 154 of file config.h.

Referenced by CleanExit(), and SnortMain().

#define SIGUSR1   30

Definition at line 156 of file config.h.

Referenced by SigUsrHandler(), and SnortMain().

#define SIGUSR2   31

Definition at line 157 of file config.h.

#define snprintf   _snprintf

Definition at line 176 of file config.h.

Referenced by _ifrow_to_entry(), _intf_add_aliases(), _intf_delete_aliases(), _intf_get_aliases(), AlertSyslog(), CheckDBVersion(), CheckLogDir(), ConvInit(), CreatePidFile(), Database(), DatabaseInit(), DefineIfaceVar(), eth_open(), flow_errormsg(), flow_fatalerror(), flowps_generate_flow_event(), format_rule(), fw_delete(), fw_loop(), GetCurrentTimestamp(), GetLastCid(), GetTimestamp(), GetUniqueName(), hex(), HttpInspectInit(), HttpInspectSnortConf(), inet_ntoax(), InitProtoNames(), IntegrityCheck(), ip4_sprintx(), ip6_sprintx(), IpAddrSetPrint(), ipfw_to_fr(), MakeOpenPortInfo(), MakeProtoInfo(), ntoa(), OpenAlertFile(), OpenAlertSock(), OpenLogFile(), OpenStatsFile(), ParseCmdLine(), ParseConfig(), ParseLogFile(), ParsePerfMonitorArgs(), print_rule(), PrintConfig(), PrintPortscanConf(), printRuleListOrder(), PrintServerConf(), ProcessChunkLength(), ProcessConfOpt(), ProcessFlowDepth(), ProcessGlobalConf(), ProcessIISUnicodeMap(), ProcessInspectType(), ProcessMaxPipeline(), ProcessNonRfcChar(), ProcessOversizeDir(), ProcessPorts(), ProcessProfile(), ProcessServerConf(), ProcessUniqueServerConf(), route_loop(), SAlert(), score_entry_sprint(), scoreboard_init(), sfRotatePerformanceStatisticsFile(), Stream4Init(), Stream4InitReassembler(), TcpdumpInitLogFile(), ts_print(), tun_open(), UnifiedInitAlertFile(), UnifiedInitFile(), UnifiedInitLogFile(), unique_tracker_dump(), UpdateLastCid(), and vsyslog().

#define strcasecmp   stricmp

Definition at line 178 of file config.h.

Referenced by AddClassificationConfig(), Asn1RuleParse(), ByteJumpParse(), ByteTestParse(), checkKeyword(), ClassTypeLookupByType(), DatabaseInit(), FlowParseOption(), FlowPSParseOption(), fpSetDetectSearchMethod(), Frag3ParseArgs(), Frag3ParseGlobalArgs(), GetOutputPlugin(), IsDataAtParse(), ParseAlertFastArgs(), ParseAlertFullArgs(), ParseCmdLine(), ParseConfig(), ParseFlowArgs(), ParseFrag2Args(), ParseIP(), ParsePort(), ParsePreprocessor(), ParseProtos(), ParseRule(), ParseRuleOptions(), ParseRuleTypeDeclaration(), ParseScanmungeArgs(), ParseScanType(), ParseSenseLevel(), ParseStream4Args(), ParseSyslogArgs(), PortscanInit(), ProcessArgs(), ProcessDetectionOptions(), ProcessEventQueue(), ProcessOptionList(), ReferenceSystemLookup(), RegisterOutputPlugin(), RegisterPlugin(), RegisterPreprocessor(), RuleType(), SetRpcPorts(), Stream4InitReassembler(), toggle_option(), UnifiedParseArgs(), VarDefine(), VarDelete(), VarGet(), VarSearch(), WhichProto(), and XLINK2STATE_ParseArgs().

#define strncasecmp   strnicmp

Definition at line 177 of file config.h.

Referenced by AlertCSVParseArgs(), ByteJumpParse(), DatabaseInit(), FlowBitsParse(), op_aton(), ParseARPspoofArgs(), ParseConvArgs(), ParseDatabaseArgs(), ParseFrag2Args(), ParseIpOptionData(), ParseSession(), ParseStream4Args(), ParseTag(), RealAlertCSV(), and Stream4InitReassembler().


Definition at line 90 of file config.h.


Definition at line 82 of file config.h.


Definition at line 64 of file config.h.


Definition at line 58 of file config.h.


Definition at line 52 of file config.h.


Definition at line 70 of file config.h.


Definition at line 76 of file config.h.

#define vsnprintf   _vsnprintf

Definition at line 179 of file config.h.

Referenced by ErrorMessage(), FatalError(), flow_errormsg(), flow_fatalerror(), flow_printf(), LogMessage(), sfsnprintfappend(), snprintf(), and vsyslog().

#define W_OK   0x02

Definition at line 161 of file config.h.

Referenced by CheckLogDir(), CreatePidFile(), and OpenAlertSock().

#define WIN32   1

Definition at line 23 of file config.h.

Referenced by LogBasePerfStats().


Definition at line 21 of file config.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int pid_t

Definition at line 112 of file config.h.

typedef SSIZE_T ssize_t

Definition at line 115 of file config.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum msg_type

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 188 of file config.h.

Function Documentation

void* GetAdapterFromList void *  ,

Definition at line 67 of file misc.c.

References DWORD, and NULL.

Referenced by ParseCmdLine().

int gettimeofday struct timeval *  ,
struct timezone

Definition at line 38 of file misc.c.

References int(), and NULL.

Referenced by CleanExit(), GetCurrentTimestamp(), GetProcessingTime(), InitBaseStats(), InterfaceThread(), rand_open(), Scan2Init(), Stream4InitReassembler(), TagAlloc(), and ts_print().

int inet_aton const char *  cp,
struct in_addr *  addr

Definition at line 13 of file inet_aton.c.

References NULL.

int init_winsock void   ) 

Definition at line 268 of file misc.c.

References FatalError().

Referenced by SnortMain().

char* print_interface char *   ) 

Definition at line 126 of file misc.c.

References NULL.

void PrintDeviceList const char *   ) 

Definition at line 154 of file misc.c.

References DWORD.

Referenced by ParseCmdLine().

char* strtok_r char *  s1,
const char *  s2,
char **  lasts

Definition at line 45 of file strtok_r.c.

References NULL.

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